ASA1222E Dahua Dhi- Biometric Standalone Time Attendance Recorder


The DHI-ASA1222E Time Attendance Recorder is standalone device equipped with keypad and fingerprint reader. 

Time Attendance Recorder has a memory to store up to 1000 users + 5 administrators and up to 2000 different fingerprints (max 3 for one user). The device enables storing up to 100 000 events, taking into account the programmable work schedule (individual and group) and the distinction of: standard events, overtime, lateness and earlier exits. 

The device is fully autonomous, it is not possible to program using the PC, or to connect additional readers. The programming of the Time Attendance Recorder takes place only through the device interface. Downloading data from the device is done via the USB socket.



Identification time: < 1.5 s
FAR (False Acceptance Rate): ≤ 0.00004 %
FRR (False Rejection Rate): ≤ 0.15 %
Number of supported readers:
Relay output:
Main features:
  • Autonomous operation
  • Internal memory : 8 MB
  • 1000 indexed users,
  • 2000 indexed fingerprints (maximum 3 per user),
  • Non-volatile log buffer of the last 100 000 events,
  • LCD display – 2.4 “,
  • Sound signaling
  • Firmware upgrade via USB port
  • The possibility of creating a user with only one identification method (only PIN, or only fingerprint)
  • The possibility of programming group or individual work schedules, taking into account the permissible time of lateness and earlier exit
  • The distinction of standard events, overtime, lateness and earlier exits
  • Data export to USB flash memory in “*.xls” format
  • The device can signal when the shift ends with an audible signal
Power supply: 5 V DC / 1000 mA (power adapter included)
Weight: 0.22 kg
Dimensions: 175 x 120 x 23 mm
Operation temp: -10 °C … 55 °C
Permissible relative humidity: 5 % … 95 %
Manufacturer / Brand: DAHUA
Guarantee: 3 years




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