T-216 ITC Remote paging console

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Features T-216

* Zone selection button: User could choose any zone from one to six, and also all zone.

* Call button and Warning Tone button: Press call button when the warning tone button is on,

the ring come out firstly.

* Number of rings selection: 2 sounds or 4 sounds.

* Address code setting: After equipement switch on, long press button zone 1 to 6 to set their

address code. If in red flashing light, it means the setting is ongoing. Same address code for

microphone is not allowed. Address code when press “01” has the highest priority and this

microphone can interrupt other microphone.

* Auto standby function: When no signal is detected from mic for one minute, the

conversation will close automatically. And the call button is off.

* 24V DC power supply.

* RS485 online port, can be cascaded to 6 pieces.

* MIC/ Chime/ Main volume adjustment.

* The Panel is shown with 10 volume levels.* Microphone support preemptive and queuing function when online use.

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